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Puerto Varas

Campervan Hire and Rental Puerto Varas

Our campervan Puerto Varas depot opening hours:

  • Monday-Viernes : 10:00 amto 18:00 pmand Saturday: 10:00 - 13:00
  • Let us know at what time you would like to pick up the van and we will let you know the meeting point in Puerto Varas 
  • Call our Roadtrip Planner: +56 9 4207 3790

And please, please, please, please… notify us in advance if you are coming.

Campervan Rental Puerto Varas

If you hire a Puerto Varas campervanlet’s just say you have chosen one of the best places to start an unforgetable trip. You can drive to Santiagostopping by places like beautiful Frutillar, camp and enjoy tipical food at Puerto Octayand make a stop at Entre Lagosand Osorno. You can make a little detour from ruta 5to Lago Rancoand Futronoand enjoy the hotsprings!!

Up north you’ll get to Valdiviaand sail the Calle Calle river. After that, comes the time of one of the main atractions of southern Chile: The Seven Lakes. On your way to Santiagoyou can visit the Araucanía, where you can take your campervan to Conguillio National Park, Lago Galletue National Reserve, Alto Biobío National Reserveor Huerquehue National Park. You can practice flyfishingeverywhere, trekking, horseback ridingor simply relax, park your Wicked campervanin the middle of nature and sleep with no sign of civilization!

Drive south from Puerto Varasand you’ll be entering one of the most famous places in the backpackers world: the Patagonia. You can start visiting the Llanquihue National Reserveand the Alerce Andino National Park. Eat as much as you can on Chiloé, take photos of the centennial churches and try to be there if the people are doing a “ minga ” (you won’t believe it ’till you see it!).

There are certain things you must do. One of them is going to Torres del Paine, you might have a small idea of what it is to be there. Once you have traveled across lots of national parks (like Corcovado, Pumalínor Tantauco) and just when you may start feeling like you have seen it all, you’ll get to be between towers of rock and ice, and laugh for yourself! It’s fuckin’ amazing.

On your way to one of the most austral cities on the planet, Punta Arenas, you can drive your campervanalong lonely and always green highways, stop to take photos of practically everything you’ll see around and enjoy unique infinite forests and wildlife! Have a sight of the Estrecho de Magallanes, grab a good hand crafted beer and don’t stop to be amazed by everything the Patagoniacan offer.

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