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Cheap Campervan Hire Chile

Book with Wicked Campers South America and Save!!

Are you planning to travel Chile and Argentina on a campervan? The cheapest and best way is to hire our campervans. With Wicked Campers, we have a variety of camper van hire options for you to choose from. We are also all over Chile dude! So you can pickup and drop-off your camper van easily in any of our depots; Camper Hire San Pedro de Atacama, Camper Hire Santiago, Camper Hire Puerto Varas and Camper Hire Punta Arenas. Each of our campers comes with a unique paint job, comfy bed, kitchen and loads of storage space. If you wanna hit the Austral road in style, then try our campervans, economomical and easy to book.

Our budget campervan rental provide you with cheap rates on our range of campervans. Our campervans suits anyone wanting to have a roadtrip adventure in Chile and Argentina at low cost. We have all kinds of specials all year long, so be sure to visit our site for some amazing discounts. If you have no idea on which roadtrip you would like to take, then you should check out our tempting sweet packages. We are an iconic campervan and 4wd rental worldwide. Wicked Campers is the ideal choice for budget travellers. C’mon.. Create your fantastic holiday with Wicked Campers!!

Wicked camper van hire Southamerica provides cheap camper van hire for travellers and touring holidays which will combine accommodation and transport with the comforts of home. You get a terrific sense of freedom with our range of campervans (2, 3, 5 and 6 seater) and 4WD (5-seater) vehicles in Chile.


Campervan Rental for Backpackers in South America

Southamerica is huge, and the best way to discover this great land is on the road. With our campervan, you can save money on accommodation. Our vans are all-in-one accommodation and transport that can take you anywehere you please. Backpacking around Chile and Argentina can be expensive, that is why our campervan rental can ease your roadtrip budget and let you spend more on other fun and exciting stuff! Why spend more on your campervan rental? Book with us and save!!

Offering a range of campervans for hire from 4 Chilean locations. Our campervans are the best and most affordable way to see Chile and Argentina. Wicked campervan hire Southamerica will assist you in your nearest city, pick-up or drop-off your campervan in one of our depots in Chile:

  • San Pedro de Atacama
  • Santiago
  • Puerto Varas
  • Punta Arenas

Whether you are starting your backpacking adventure from the north, center or south, you can pickup or drop-off your campervan in any of our depots across Chile. We have sent thousands of backpackers on an exciting roadtrip adventure each year. Be the next to experience Southamerica like you have never imagined it. For a great start to your holiday at amazing rate around the world. We have a variety of cheap campervans hire options for you to choose from. Cheap and reliable for the budget conscious traveller. Save more on your hire, spend more on your beer!


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