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Campervan Hire and Rental Vancouver

Wicked campervan hire Vancouver will assist you on your travel to and from Vancouver.

  • 1295 W 75th Ave Vancouver British Columbia V6P 3G4
  • Hire Enquiries in Canada: International number: 1 877 942 5380 / +1 604 263 50 20
  • Hire Enquiries in USA: 1 310 200 4316
  • Roadside Assistance: 604-723-1226

Wicked Campers combines budget travellers with the perfect backpacking adventure. Unbeatable price on our campervans rental options and total freedom to go anywhere you want. Unbeatable experience with many roadtrip options and wide variety of vans.

For a great start to your holiday book a Wicked campervan! Here you will find quality, safety, cheap, and perfect campervan offers. Take advantage of special rates we offer as well as special offers at Wicked.


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